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These are why you carry tweezers.

I swear I didn’t do it!

Sunday I went for a recovery ride after Saturday nights cross race. My first cyclocross race since December of 2010. (I’m kidding of course) to Sidewinder, which is in the Peach Valley. The ride was amazing but tough. 40 miles of high desert mountain biking on single track. I even managed to put my had in a cactus. Lucky for […]

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My view at Snowmass.

First Snow

I took this picture while in Snowmass Colorado.  I haven’t seen this much snow in October in a very long time.  Though this will put a dent in my mountain biking I can’t wait until it’s time to ski.

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Mt. Sopris before the storm.

The Storm

I have shown you Mt. Sopris many times but this time you get to see it before the storm.  Within minutes after this photo black storm clouds cover the mountain down to tree line and the temperature dropped drastically.  My gloves and choice of clothes no longer were enough to keep me warm.  I really need to get back to […]

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View of the Holy Cross Wilderness from Abrams Trail.

Holy Cross Wilderness

On Monday I went to Eagle Colorado and did some mountain biking.  The terrain was a lot like that of the Roaring Fork Valley but we still had a blast.  On the first climb up the Abrams Trail we had some great views of the west side of the Holy Cross Wilderness.  I don’t think I’ll ever get tired of […]

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Riding the dirt ribbon.

Boy Scout Trail

I went for a big mountain bike ride on Saturday to the Boy Scout Trail near Glenwood Springs, Colorado.  I had heard a lot about it, so the hype was pretty high.  I would say it lived up to all the talk.  So much so I rode it twice and ended up riding 56 miles.  Here is a nice shot […]

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North Loop Trail at Mushroom Rock.

Another Day, Another Mile

Despite having a brake pad fall out during my mountain bike ride, I was able to find and replace it, and put in a solid 21 miles at Mushroom Rock here in Carbondale, CO.  I found out the hard way that the sun is going down earlier and earlier, as I was still out in the thick of it and […]

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Fall Colors

More Fall Colors

Though the colors are mostly gone I thought I’d share one more photo of the beauty.  The snow fell on Mt. Sopris Saturday night and there’s a decent covering down to tree line.  Winter is coming fast. Scatman Get out there! Wondering how you can support the next adventure?  Simply support the following and you will be., Feed the Machine, and Amazon.

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My favorite new town.

Ouray Colorado

I have to say Ouray is now my favorite town of all time.  This picture doesn’t do the town justice but believe me when I say it’s cool.  Ouray sits at 7792′, and is only .8 sq. mi.   It also only has a 1000 residents as of 2010.  It is so picturesque and the mountains rise right out of […]

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Sunset over the Puget Sound.

Sunset on Alki

This picture is one of my last sunsets in Seattle before moving to Colorado.  Seeing it reminds me how much I enjoy the ocean. Scatman Get out there! Wondering how you can support the next adventure?  Simply support the following and you will be., Feed the Machine, and Amazon.

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Sunlight filtering through the trees on West Sopris Trail.

Fading Light

This picture was taken while mountain biking on the West Sopris Trail.  Though it doesn’t look it the day was wearing on.  This trail was a  mystery to me and the two guys I met.  We all agreed that without our combined knowledge we wouldn’t have figured it out.  It was a true Epic in the regard.  Later the light […]

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