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Sexy steel, uglied by fenders.

F&%$ You Seattle Rain

I’m so tired of having to wear these every morning.   My bike having to have these on it. Because of these and what makes them. That this is starting to appeal to me.   There has only been two days this year I’ve driven to work but uncountable number of times in the rain, snow, ice, you name it.  […]

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A Long Week

I feel dirty and not worthy.  Yes, that can mean only one thing..No, I didnt go to the strip club..I didnt ride into work but DROVE today!  Its been a long week and with the weekend I have planned I need the rest.  On a funnier note I went for a ride after work with Mr. F and when I […]

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Flap Jack Pack Front

Osprey Flap Jack Pack Review

Osprey Flap Jack Pack $89 I first received my Osprey Flap Jack Pack as part of my sponsorship package from Superfeet.  It stood out from all of the other items they had sent me.  I now use it everyday commuting to work.  Does it work, YES.  As far as packs go it’s got clean lines and isn’t full of extras […]

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Jade Lake

June Totals

Here is a tally of the activities I did for the month of June. 1 Running race, 14.2 miles 2:01:35, 21st overall 2 Mountain bike races, 4th and 8th place 42 different activities 1.61 miles hiking 1.50 miles climbing stairs, 3235 steps 26.8 miles running 87.4 miles mountain biking 147.3 miles road cycling (all but 26.53 miles were commuter miles) […]

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