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Squiggy, Mortis, and Scatman

AT 2001 – Antlers Campsite – Wadleigh Stream Lean-to

Day 150 07-27-01 13.6 miles Antlers Campsite → Wadleigh Stream Lean-to AT – 2129.9 What a great night!  Antlers Campsite was the best.  It’s the most beautiful spot yet.  The sun woke me up at 5 or so but I didn’t get up till 7am.  I thought it was about 8:30 but I was wrong.  So much for sleeping in. […]

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Sunset at Antler's Campsite

AT 2001 – Logen Brook – Antlers Campsite

Day 149 07-26-01 19.6 miles Logen Brook → Antlers Campsite AT – 2116.3 I slept great last night.  Got a late start at 8:40am.  The weather was perfect hiking weather.  Even now it’s wonderful.  The hike itself was a snap except for two tiny climbs.  Other than those two I didn’t break a sweet.  I wasn’t overly excited about the […]

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