Once again it’s been a while since I posted on here.  I have no good reason besides I haven’t been compelled to write anything.  Part of it was it was winter and motivation was low, while some of it had to do with my need for things to be just right.  Either way I just haven’t desired to sit down and write.

The snow is melting and the trails are drying out.  I reached both of my goals for skiing and now it’s time to work on my other goals for hiking and cycling.

Fresh corduroy at Aspen.

Fresh corduroy at Aspen.  Taken when I first wrote this post.


Since then, this has happened and then some.

I have taken a job with Aloha Mountain Cyclery here in Carbondale, CO.  I am officially the Marketing Coordinator.  That encompasses social media, in-store marketing, community outreach, as well as event coordination.  I will also be doing some receiving/shipping and repair work when needed.  I’m super excited to have this opportunity to use the skills I have learn here at Adventures of Scatman and on my cycling teams website, PCP Racing.  If you care to check out Aloha online or follow us here are some links:






For a while I had to run fenders on my road bike avoiding ice, falling rocks and puddles but as of late I have gotten out to the drier desert to do a lot of riding in Fruita and Loma.  I’m excited because in June I’ll be getting a new bike.  It’s called the Macho Man Disc by All City.  It’s a steel cyclocross bike which can take fenders and will be the perfect “gravel grinder” to explore the vast amount of dirt roads here in Colorado.  I have also ordered up some bike packing bags so I can bike pack this summer.  Pictures to come soon.


Riding to Marble, CO.

Riding to Marble, CO.


A shot from the Western Rim Trail in Rabbit Valley.

This past weekend I did my first non-cyclocross race and first endurance event in years.  I raced on an eight man team at the 18 Hours of Fruita.  We raced the first 2/3’s of the race with only six members as two of our crew had to either work or had a gig.  In the end we ended up in second place!

Panorama of last hill, the crew, and the hardware

Panorama of last hill, the crew, and the hardware.


If you could see the page that holds my post for this site you’d see a ton of drafts.  I have started a bunch of post for ya’ll but just never finished any of them.  I hope to can finish some or all of them up and have more to share.  I titled this post “Settled?” because I final feel as if I am settled here in Carbondale.  I no longer live in a tent and car, I don’t sleep on the floor on my Thermarest, and I have a great job.



Get out there!

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