Searching for WHAT? III

For a long time now I have laughed, scratched my head, smiled, and at times been dumbfouned by some of the search terms people enter into my websites search feature. I decided to start documenting them. Some times I will make fun of them, other times I will offer help on the subject and some times I will ask “What were you thinking?” in hopes that person comes back to my site again.

Here goes.

Night hiking mentally

-Night hiking can be very hard the first time you do it 0r even if it’s been a while.  It’s easy for one’s mind to wander and think about bears, cougars, snakes, Big Foot, alien abduction or movie characters like Jason, Freddy, Michael Myers, and others.  It’s only natural to be afraid of the dark.  Darkness for most represents the unknown.

A few things I do when night-hiking are:  #1  Try not to hike alone. (this proved tough on my PCT thru-hike)  Bring a buddy along to converse with.  #2  Focus on what you can see, and not what is outside your lights beam.  I know this is easier sad than done.  If you do start to think about what you can’t see try to imagine beautiful vistas and not the creepy things that aren’t really there.  #3  Pick obvious points on your map you can recognize.  I find that if I know where I am it settles my mind some.  It’s easy to think you’re lost when it’s dark, even if your on a trail.

Burney Falls camping ants

-I never knew ants camp.  I thought they just raided camps and picnics.

Crazy Pika

-Somebody out there knows I love Pikas.  Are they not super cute?  Marmots are fat and look cuddly but you can’t beat those big ears and the squeak of a Pika.  Pikas are in danger today due to warming global temperatures and low snow pack.  Do your part to keep stop climate change.

Nasty Feet

-I’m not sure I want to touch this one.  But if you want, check out my post on Blisters.


-Okay, really?  This is a family site, okay maybe it’s not.  I know I wear the Shocker glove by Pow Gloves, but I’m really hoping you’re just looking for a pair for yourself.

What’s the freezing point of water with Nuun?

-The best answer I could find is it will lower the freezing point as you’re essentially making a weak salt solution.  I couldn’t find an exact number.



Get out there!

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