Searching for WHAT? II

For a long time now I have laughed, scratched my head, smiled, and at times been dumbfouned by some of the search terms people enter into my websites search feature. I decided to start documenting them. Some times I will make fun of them, other times I will offer help on the subject and some times I will ask “What were you thinking?” in hopes that person comes back to my site again.

Here goes.


India Scat man tube

-I have no idea what you are looking for here.


Adventures of Scatman

-Aren’t you already there?


Taking a shit winter camping

-Don’t slip on the snow and fall in your own shit for starters. I know a guy who did on the Appalachian Trail. He had to use his whole stash of toilet paper to clean up and had nothing left for the next two days.  It’s one thing to Yogi food off other hikers but TP!

My tips would be the following:

1)  Plan ahead.  Have your cleaning supplies laid out and ready.  Dig your cat hole first.

2)  Move fast but be safe.  No falling.

3)  Be sure you’re extra far off the trail as when the snow melts your remains will no longer be covered.

4)  If it’s really cold, have a warm drink waiting for you at camp to warm back up.


Easy to close with one hand

-A toilet
-A door
-Your mouth
-Flip top condiments
-A Zippo
-An iPhone
-An oven
-A book

Did I cover what you were looking for?


Girl Foot Odor

-All I have for this one is WOW.  Try some Gold-bound Powder like I did in the “Scatman Story“.  If you’re hiking I suggest when you stop to take a break, remove your shoes and socks.  Dry feet are happy feet.  Wash your socks daily, hanging them on your pack to dry.  Just make sure they are secure.  People lose clothing this way all the time.


Ah Di Na

-It’s great to see this name.  Ah Di Na Campground was one of my stops on the PCT.  The reason it’s great to see the name is because it’s probably the most popular of the random places that pop into my mind from the PCT.  I can be lying in bed or on a bike ride and I can see myself sitting on the side of the dirt road just up from the campground when a father and son come by in their pickup. The offer me a riding into town, which I don’t take but said they’d bring back a Coke.  I waited almost two hours for that Coke and spent the night at their camp.


Stunning cougars group on Facebook

-Sadly I looked up this group and it does not exist.  Maybe one of you could start one and let me know.  Alas I do not have time.



Get out there!

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