Searching for WHAT?

For a long time now I have laughed, scratched my head, smiled, and at times been dumbfouned by some of the search terms people enter into my websites search feature. I decided to start documenting them. Some times I will make fun of them, other times I will offer help on the subject and some times I will ask “What were you thinking?” in hopes that person comes back to my site again.

Here goes.

Bikepacking is ruining hiking.

-This one is baffling to me.  Why is it that there are still people in the world who believe that because other users want to share the same trails, area or playing field that they are ruining it for THEM?  With the internet, social media and smart phones it’s amazingly  clear the world is bigger than just YOU.  Why is it that others are not welcome in YOUR world and if they do venture into it they are ruining it some how.  Sorry people but the Earth isn’t getting any bigger and we are still reproducing like rabbits, so you better get used to sharing.

How to ride a fat bike.

-Step one:  Put hands on bars.  Step two:  Swing leg over top tube.  Step three: Put feet on pedals.  Step four:  Push off and start pedaling.

No seriously, they’re just like a normal bike.  You will have to learn how to better control your weight (Body English) while riding on snow or sand, as well as learn to ride loose (get used to the front end or back end sliding a lot).  Other than that their just bicycles.

Average Pacific Crest Trail pack weigh.

-My average w/o food and water was about 12.5 See my post Pack vs. Pack.

 Costume bikepacking gas tank bags.

-Checkout’s forum post about who makes bikepacking bags.

Which is harder the AT or PCT?

Personally I would say the AT is physically harder but logistically easier.  The PCT physically easier but logistically harder.  I wonder if I would say this if I hiked the AT again but with a lighter pack where I could go further with less.  I believe if I did it would be both physically and logistically easier.  See my post AT vs. PCT.


Get out there!

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