Adventure Weekly Recap (AWR) is a new post I’ll be bringing to you my readers.  The goal is to bring you cool stories, offers, blogs, news, and more from around the bike, outdoor, and general adventure worlds.


Outdoor Research is having a 3 day Thanksgiving Sale, Nov. 23-25th.  Unheard-of deals on all things Outdoor Researchwith 50-70% off of sale items and 20% off any one full-priced Outdoor Research item inside. Relish in savings on other brands, too– 30-70% off on SmartwoolTekoPrAnaIbexTherm-a-Rest and many more.


Health123 takes a look at the idea of whether or not being nice can improve your health.

“Today is World Kindness Day and it marks the launch of a week by the same name.  We all know that being kind is good but did you know it was good for you  as well?”  Read more…


Win a custom Princeton Tec Fuel Headlamp in AOS’s Bag Night Challenge or a Montbell sleeping bag.  Check out how here.


Hey cycling friends, did you know that an airline has to charge you bag fees in accordance with the fees of your ticketing airline and charge consistent fees throughout your entire itinerary?  So for example if you buy a ticket through Alaska but have to travel the first leg of your trip on American, American has to charge you Alaska’s bag fees (so $50 – $75 instead of $150-$350). Check out this 2011 DOT rule making, it’s at the bottom of page 3.  The rule is also explained in less lawyerly terms on the Alaska Air site:


Alpenglow Chiropractic talks about staying healthy this winter.

“Whether you like it or not, winter is here! We recommend fish oil and vitamin D3 to keep you healthy this winter. Vitamin D3 enhances calcium absorption and retention, is a key nutritional role in supporting healthy bones; and new evidence suggests it may also have a prominent role in cellular, cardiovascular, colon and immune health. Try high quality D3 from Pure Encapsulations available on our website.”


Trail Space wants your reviews:

Review your outdoor gear now through Sunday, November 18, and you’re entered to win an Astro Air pad and Disco Pad Pump from NEMO ($130 total value). Win this prize and you can save your breath for the trail with the handy foot pump, and catch some backcountry shuteye atop this 2.5-inch, air-cushioned sleeping pad.   Enter here.


Outside Jill Talks “Crazy Endurance Eyes”

“There’s something inherently primal about the Steep Ravine Trail after four hours of running. Really, most everything feels primal after four hours of running — the murmur of an overtaxed heart, the taste of salt on moist lips, the angry throbbing of a bruised knee, the gritty film of sweat and dirt on skin…”  Read More

Get out there!
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