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A lot of people ask me how I afford my adventures and if I have sponsors.  The reality is this, getting sponsors is a temporary solution to funding.  The other reality is I live a very simple life in order to afford my adventures.  I have asked for donations before, but like working with sponsors, there is a certain level of commitment and responsibility that detracts from the actual experience of one’s adventure.  If you spend all your time focused on fund-raising, you never “Get Out There!”  I’ve come up with an idea for a solution that frees my guilty conscious around asking for donations, and is not temporary;  I’ve become an affiliate for, Feed the Machine (online sports nutrition store) and
Everyone knows has everything under the sun, so shopping there is easy.  Like Amazon, has all your outdoor gear and clothing under one roof.  Feed the Machine is your one stop shopping for sports nutrition.  They have tested all the brands and only carry the best.  If they have it, you know it’s good.  If you shop at these three online stores from my site by clicking the links above or by clicking on one of their banner ads also on my site, I will receive a small percentage of your sale, because I’m an affiliate.
The beauty of this is you probably already shop there now! By doing nothing more (nope! They don’t charge you extra!) than going through my site and you’ll be supporting my next adventure, whatever that might be.  It’s like the old adage “Two great things for the price of one!”  Please share this with friends and family.  I greatly appreciate it and your continued support of my site.

Upcoming Adventures

  • Bike Packing the Colorado Trail
  • Pack Rafting with my fat bike
  • Continental Divide Trail



Get out there!

Wondering how you can support the next adventure?  Simply support the following and you will be., Feed the Machine, and


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