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 Take the One-Page Survey and Share Your Thoughts on State Parks Mountain Bike Trails Plan!


Calling all Riders,


The Eastern Washington chapter of Evergreen has been working with State Parks to develop a comprehensive, long-term, trails plan for mountain biking at Mount Spokane State Park.


State Parks is now looking for public input on the plan via a one-page survey.  


Whether you’ve ever ridden at Mount Spokane or not, your input will help State Parks understand the needs of our community – at this location and at parks across the state!


Take the one-page survey here  and share your thoughts on the proposed plan.


Suggested Topics

Below are a few topics you might consider addressing in your response to the State Parks survey about the Mt. Spokane Trail Plan.


Please add your own thoughts to the following ideas. Responses can be very brief, but don’t just copy and paste!

  • I believe this design will reduce potential trail conflict while creating more sustainable and enjoyable trails.
  • I believe implementing the trail plan will increase mountain bike usage of Mount Spokane and financial support for State Parks through Discover Pass sales.
  • I look forward to riding around the mountain on the long ‘Around the World’ trail.
  • I agree with the trail plan that top-to-bottom trails are critically important, like Trail 140 and No Alibi.
  • I agree with the trail plan that building trails that flow for cyclist will separate many users by choice and get more families to come to the park.
  • I enjoy single track trails and appreciate that the trail plan provides alternatives to riding access roads.
  • I look forward to volunteering in support of the creation and maintenance of the proposed trail plan.
  • I believe trails on Mt. Spokane will help promote a healthy community by providing low cost, active recreation opportunities that get people out into nature.

Review the full plan proposal here.


The survey closes on October 8th so please take a couple of minutes and go here right now to share your opinion.


Thanks for taking action and making your voice heard!!

Glenn Glover

Executive Director

Evergreen Mountain Bike Alliance

P.S. Remember, land managers need to hear your voice if you want to see more great trails out there for us to ride!  Take a minute, take the survey and make a difference.

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