Faces of Scatman

So when I got home from Alaska I had a simple list of things to do.  Get a hair cut, see Batman, and have some Chipotle.  This would prove immensely difficult and only two of the three ever happened.  When I got out to my car the tire that had been giving me trouble was complete flat and the bead was off the rim.  I didn’t figure this out until I attempted to pump it up with my floor pump.  Next I switched my hair appoint to a later time as I had now missed the first one.  I busted out the spare tire and put it on.  Since it was 11 years old it was flat and needed to be pumped up before I could lower the car on to it.

Dirty, sweaty and a bit flustered I got to my hair appointment (second one) a few minutes late.  Below you’ll see the fun we had with my hair.  After this fun it was off for lunch, not Chipotle, the tire store and finally my movie.

The before shot.

The comb over.


The Goatee.


Colonel Sanders


The Mo


Final product



Get out there!

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