Trapper Creek Inn & RV Park to Big – Day 15

07.15.12 Day 15 Trapper Creek Inn & RV Park to Big Bear RV’S Park 80 miles, 848.46 trip miles 13.9 avg mph, 29 max 5:44:13 ride time All pavement Clouds and Rain. 50-60’s Days of rain: 7 It rained all night and most of the morning. I don’t think it stopped until mid afternoon. Mike and I got up late, 9:45 am. It was noon before we rolled out for our 76 mile day. Packing was slow due to the rain. We also wanted to get breakfast at the campground store. For the money it wasn’t much. Once we started it was clear I was warmer than yesterday. I was sweating in no time. Slowly I took piece after piece of clothing off. Soon I has too much off and got a chill. The weather is so tough to keep a good body temperature. You’re either too cold or too hot. Being Sunday the traffic was insane. It was the most traffic we’ve experienced so far on the whole trip. Like yesterday there was little to look at. It was actually worse. I didn’t feel that safe looking around and not in my mirror at the on coming cars. We stopped around 3 pm for lunch and had already done half or mileage. We stopped at a rest stop with a small covered area. While eating I heard a Common Loon. I found him with my binoculars. It’s only my second one I’ve seen outside of Maine. As luck would have it we passes multiple places we could have had lunch at just after our stopping point. We did stop at a store for a drink and a snack. I got an ice cream and Coke. Unlike most days we smartly filled up our water bottles. Despite the rain we needed a lot of water. The next miles few buy and when we had 11 to go we came across a bar. We decided to go in for a beer, just one. The place was so smoky! The locals had fun making fun on us, then one, a guy named Melvin bought us a picture of beer. He tried to buy us a second one but we convinced him pints would be fine. After four beers each Mike and I left with a nice buzz. I was probably drunk. About 7 miles down the road we got hunger. We stopped at a Mexican place and fueled up. Neither of us realized how hunger we were until we got our food. Calories! A few miles later we found our home for the night, Big Bear RV Park. The front office was closed so I took some figuring out as to where we should set up. A nice guy names Mark got his campground map and a couple of Stouts for us. Mark is from the Black Hills area and runs ultras. As we set up camp the rain started again. We are now showered and in bed. Mike is already asleep. I’m going now. I just have to research a bird I saw. It looked like a Magpie. Night. Glove count: 32 Tie Down Count: 57 Scatman





  1. Aunt Kathy says:

    That pic made me think of your dad!

  2. Loghan (typed by mom) says:

    hi uncle Craig looks like your having fun. hope you didn’t find the bears that eat people.

  3. Scatman says:

    None so far buddy. Just lots of thirsty mosquitoes.

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