Tok – Day 23

After much thought I have decided to leave Mike and I’s tour. Between the large amount of weight I have lost, loss of appetite and not wanting to ride my bike I made the tough decision to go home.
I told Mike while planning the trip if it’s not the number one thing in your life don’t go. This applies to thru-hiking or any other long adventure like this one. It was no longer the number one thing in my life.
I have been sugar coating just unhappy I have been and just how bad my stomach had been. For the last week I went to bed wondering if I was going to shit in the tent. This is not my idea of fun, is it yours? This led to terrible sleep adding to my exhausted state. To make matters worse I really didn’t feel like eating for about 4 days. I look like I did after my 4-5 month thru-hikes. Just call me Skeletor.
Alaska has been incredibly beautiful and I’m so happy with what I did see and accomplish on this trip. I will definitely come back again when I can. I hope next time it’s on a motorcycle and I can stop more to explore.
Mike has gone on with Josh, or Honey Badger, and will be taking an alternate route. They left me heading to Dawson City, then to WhiteHorse, Watson Lake, the Cassier HWY, Jasper, Banff and after that is undecided. I’m sure Mike will post to Fabebook as he goes.
When I get home I will post my pictures and videos to Flickr for your viewing pleasure. I will also try to write my thoughts but no promises as I have learned its hard to write them so others can understand properly. Know I’m happily going with a smile.




  1. Brian Briggs says:

    Sorry to hear the news, man! Get better. It was fun keeping up with you guys via Spot and Facebook, and hopefully Mike will carry the torch and finish strong. Big ups for making it as far as you did. ~Brian (Mike’s friend from ancient times)

  2. Aunt Kathy says:

    Sounds like the right decision. Will miss vicariously revisiting the Alcan sites with you but get well soon. Good luck with whatever comes next!

  3. Terry says:

    Sorry to hear it was not all you would have liked it to be this time around….your health comes first. So feel better soon…get home safely. I will look forward to seeing your pictures. Alaska is a great state and needs to be enjoyed to it’s fullest. Keep us posted on how you are feeling.


  4. Kathleen says:

    Sorry to hear you’re cutting the trip short. Very glad you’re listening to your body. The tour will be waiting for your return!

  5. Jill Russell says:

    I’m glad we got to see you before you flew out, Craig. You have accomplished more on this trip than most bike tour riders do in a lifetime. Take it from one who does GOBA (Great Ohio Bicycle Adventure) every year. A 7 day tour, averaging 50 miles a day – in the midwest. YOU, on the other hand, RODE THE DALTON! An amazing and incredible feat through arctic tundra, over the Brooks Range, and then boreal forest and the foothills. I honor you and all who survive that trip. It is the ultimate test of endurance.

  6. Craig says:

    Good decision, if you’re not having fun then there’s no need to keep pushing it. I look forward to hearing about what ever it is you choose to do next.

  7. Scatman says:

    Thanks Craig. It wasn’t an easy decision. I’ll keep you posted on what’s next.

  8. Scatman says:

    Thanks Jill and Dave. It was also great to see you again as well. I’ll keep you posted on my travel plans.

  9. Scatman says:

    I don’t think they’ll be a return on a bicycle but maybe on a moto.

  10. Scatman says:

    The pictures are coming soon.