Fairbanks Day 2

07.10.12 Day 10
Fairbanks, Zero Day #1
0 miles, 511.65 trip miles
o avg mph, 0 max
Overcast in the 50-60′s
Days of rain: 4

We decided last night to stay another day with Dave and Jill. They have been so incredibly nice to us. Our day started with blueberry pancakes, sausage, eggs and OJ. Dave and Jill had to go teach at the university so Mike cleaned his bike yet again and I slept all morning until they came back at lunch time, where we had grilled cheese. After lunch we did some birding in the backyard. Soon it was off the Large Animal Research Station (LARS) where we saw three Musk Ox up close and some more caribou. The musk ox got feisty and rammed heads for us. It was so close to see them digging at the dirt like a bull does in the ring. Very cool animals. After LARS it was off for more birding where I added a bunch of birds to my life list. I’m at 180 now. On the way home we stopped for dinner at the Pump House. It was tasty and the conversation was great as well. When we got home Dave got a call from his friend Ken Philip who owns the second largest butterfly collection in North America. Dave had to go over to Ken’s house to see about taking care of Ken’s cat while he’s away looking for more butterflies so we went with him to see Ken’s collection. It was AMAZING. The whole day was but this was just another awesome aspect of our day. Dave and Jill have been amazing hosts and I’ll be sad to leave. We will have breakfast in the morning and then head off to Denali for real this time. We should be in there in two days. Scatman

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