AOS V2.0, The New Look

New look!!!


Unless you’re blind, which would be a terrible thing, you probably noticed Adventures of Scatman (AOS) has a new look. I have wanted to change the theme of my site for a while now. So I give you, AOS 2.0. The idea was to clean things up and make it easier for you, the visitor to find what it is you’re looking for. (Unfortunately there are still a few small bugs to be worked out like broken links on some thumbnails, categories issues, and things like ‘ and ” coming out in code form. Bare with me as I work through these issues.) Here is a break down of what’s new:

Home Page:

Navigation bar (pink horizontal bar near top)

Trail Reports are now a sub category under Bike, and Hike. (note the picture above is not of the current site. Trail Reports is not above but it is on the actually Nav Bar on the site)

The category ‘The Adventures’ is now just called “Blog”. This is where I’l post my personal thoughts that don’ really pertain to the other categories.

There is a “RSS” button so you can subscribe to my site. If you’re not familiar with RSS, it’s a way to sign up for updates. When you sign up, you’ll receive an email whenever I update my site. That way you don’t have to come to it only to find there’s nothing new.

You can also sign up for a Newsletter on the right hand side. The newsletter is the same thing as signing up for an RSS feed. You will receive and email any time I post something new. It will show you what I posted and if you’re interested, just click on it in the email and you’ll be brought to the site.

Content Slider

This will contain the newest and any posts I want to highlight.


As I participate in many activities and not everyone wants to wade through posts to find ones that fall in line with their own interests, I have addressed the issue by having categories on the home page. You’ll find categories for Bike, Hike, Reviews, Tech Tips, and Trail Reports. Come winter Ski will be added.



The Footer now contains four items: my Twitter feed, Recent Comments, Tags, and recent Flickr photos. Twitter, Comments, and Flickr are self explanatory but Tags might not be. One can use the Tags section to see what subjects I mention the most. If you click on any of the words in this section you’ll get a list of every post that has been tagged with that word. So it’s a useful way to find subject matter.


Please feel free to ask questions or make suggestions and of course thanks for reading.


Get out there!

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