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Thanks to everyone who has already donated during this campaign. Because of you our goal is in sight. We’re almost there! The amount we need to raise is $74,500.  As of today we’ve raised $66,597, so we have $7,903 to go.That means Evergreen still needs your support to ensure we can meet all our objectives for 2012, including great new trail projects!   Some of the projects include the Tiger Mountain Summit Trail, an A Line style trail at Dry Hill in Port Angeles, and Squilchuck State Park near Wenatchee (Scroll down for more info these new trail projects – and the main goals of this fundraising campaign).

These funds will provide for equipment, tools and trail crew leaders to make it happen! Please donate today so we can build these new trails.

Thanks to the great corporate sponsors helping us reach this goal:

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The three programs we’re funding through this campaign are:

  1. Continue our Trail Maintenance Crew that was launched last year.
  2. We hired a Communications and Membership Director – welcome aboard Stacy!
  3. New Trails! Keep reading to find out more.
  4. We had to add a fourth goal as we’ve replaced $15,000 of trail building equipment that was stolen.   Thank you again for stepping up and helping us quickly replace these supplies.


Let’s Build Some Trails!
A lot of what Evergreen does is long-term, behind the scenes, and political.  It is slow, and can be a bit of a slog.  The reward for this is when we get the approval to build a new trail.  This is the fun part, and we have three exciting projects with a green light.  Now we just need the funding to get ’em built.  Please donate today, then ride your new trails tomorrow!

Trail #1 East Tiger Summit

This project was started last year, and the first section will be rideable by summer.  The trail will add 500 feet of vert and 1.5 miles of sweet singletrack that connects Map of new E Tiger Summit<br />
trail right into the Preston RR Trail.  When done the combined East Tiger – Preston RR descent will be a 5.8 mile uninterrupted downhill with 2000 feet of descending.  With our Project Manager, Mike Westra, and you, our Evergreen volunteers, building the trail, you know it’s going to be incredibly fun and well built.

Future plans include connecting Preston to NW Timber with singletrack, so this trail is just part of Evergreen’s larger plans to turn Tiger into a destination-quality riding area.  Visualize what this will be like when done – a 4 mile logging road climb followed by an 11 mile singletrack rip, half of which is almost constant descending.  This is a game changer for Tiger!

Trail #2 Squilchuck State Park

Located just a few miles outside of downtown Wenatchee, Squilchuck State Park is the next riding area to be built by the Central Washington chapter of Evergreen.  If you’ve ridden Sage Hills, you know the high qualitySquilchuck Trail<br />
Building trail that Matt Rose and our Central Washington crews will build.

Right now Squilchuck is an under-utilized facility that State Parks isn’t quite sure what to do with.  Our proposal has buy-in from the land manager, and we’re ready to start building trail.
Currently the “trail” system is a series of old access roads and very little singletrack.  The Evergreen plan is to design a stacked loop trail system of varying difficulty, including technical trail features.  In addition to the trails, we’ll turn a weed infested field into a mountain bike skills center with features for all levels of riders and a pump track.

Trail #3 Dry Hill – A Line Style Trail
Our friends in Port Angeles, the Olympic Dirt Society, have built an impressive downhill riding area in the past few years, and turned their area into a riding destination.  With your help, it’s about to get even better!  They have approval from the land manager to build an A Line style jump trail, and they have the trail builders. Now all they need are some tools and an excavator.  Please donate today, so we can partner with them to build the jump trail this year.

Please Donate Today. If we hit our fundraising goal you’ll be helping to build all three of these new trails.
There are three ways to donate:
  1. Donate securely online with a credit card.
  2. Mail a check, made out to Evergreen, to 418 NE 72nd Street, Seattle, WA 98115.  Please include your mailing address and email so we can send you a tax receipt.
  3. Call the Evergreen Headquarters and pay via credit card.  (206) 524-2900
Does your company match donations to nonprofits?  If so, please report your match to your employer or contact our office so that we may further leverage your generous support. Evergreen Mountain Bike Alliance is a 501(c)3 nonprofit.
Thank you for your ongoing support!
Justin Vander Pol
Evergreen Mountain Bike Alliance, Board of Directors

P.S.  We can only build all three of these new trails if we hit our fundraising goal.  We have $7,903 more to go, so we’re close to being able to do it.  Please donate today.

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