F&%$ You Seattle Rain

I’m so tired of having to wear these every morning.

My seemly glow in the dark botties.


My bike having to have these on it.

Sexy steel, uglied by fenders.

Because of these and what makes them.

Rain and puddles, my nemesis.

That this is starting to appeal to me.


Sit in traffic or riding in the rain every morning and night???

There has only been two days this year I’ve driven to work but uncountable number of times in the rain, snow, ice, you name it.  One very bruised ass, three flats changed in the rain, dozens of loads of laundry and I’m officially done with this weather.

Get out there!
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  1. Andrew says:

    Yeah, me too, though I believe PDX has had a far drier winter than SEA.

    I’m finding all kinds of excuses to take the MAX into work.

  2. Scatman says:

    Andrew, can you guess what the weather was again today? I bet you’ll only need one.