BNC Contestant Photos -4/11 Update

Ryan D.


Ryan D.


Ted E. Canyon Lands

  • Ted E. Canyon Lands

R. Davies at his Advanced Survival Test

Ryan D. in his OR Axiom Jacket for winning Round #1

Scott M.'s coldest night camping.

Round #1 winner Jill Hueckman sporting her new Outdoor Research Virtouso puffy jacket. Jill spent 17 nights outside so far this year!


Alec M.

Pic: Caught in a blizzard above treeline in the Snowy Range of Wyoming, I set up my bivy in the alcove of an outhouse, and proceeded to get covered in spindrift. Fun!

Alec M. bivoucing on the pooh shed porch.


Ryan D.


Ryan D.


Ryan D.


Ryan D. in Leatherwood Wilderness Area in Arkansas


Leatherwood Wilderness Area in Arkansas


Alec M. in Moab, UT


MOab, UT.


George L. winter bivy.


George L. Stow, VT.


George L. fireside


Ryan D. at Sand Stone Castle

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