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A long time ago Backpacker Magazine had a contest of the same name, the “Bag Night Challenge”.  I love the concept of the contest and thought I would do my own.  I waited ten years, that’s enough time, isn’t it?  The idea is simple, track the number of nights you spend outside in your sleeping bag (Jan 1. 2012 to Dec. 31, 2012 or the 21st if you believe the world is going to end).  The person at the end of the year with the most nights wins!

Grand Prizes

  • Most bag nights – Your choice of either a down or synthetic sleeping bag (15 to 40 degree) from MontBell, Outdoor Research Alpine Bivy, a NeoAir Xlite from Thermarest, Action Wipes All in One Kit, and Meru Hat from Ibex
  • Random winner –  Your choice of either a down or synthetic sleeping bag (15 to 40 degree) from MontBell and a 15 pack of Action Wipes.


Other Prizes from:


(and possibly more!)

 To be fair here are a few rules to follow.

  •  The idea is to encourage people to get out in the woods, exploring, and enjoying nature. (car camping is okay)  This is not about simply sleeping outdoors.  It’s about experiencing nature and learning about it and yourself.
  • For the time being there will also be bi-monthly prizes for those who have logged the most bag nights in that time frame.  I will randomly select this winner.  To be fair you can only win the bi-monthly prize once.
  • To be fair to my pocket book and our sponsors only those in North America are eligible to win.
  • You must provide when, where, # of nights and possibly pics.
  • The BNC has the right to question any entry, and ask for further details.
  • The contest is based on the honesty so play fair.




  • Sleeping inside with the window open
  • Those who are thru-hiking or doing some other type of multi week trip (anything under 14 days, so 13 nights)
  • Those who choose willing or otherwise to live in a tent outside
  • Your backyard or porch
  • In an Army tent on base (in the field is okay)
  • Bag nights that do not have data to back them up.


Again the point here is not to simply sleep outdoors.  If that is your plan or goal this contest is not for you.  In the end it’s about experiences NOT bag nights.

Jan. 1st to Feb. 29th – Outdoor Research & 15 pack of Action Wipes

Mar. 1st to Apr. 3oth – Stanley & a All in One Kit from Action Wipes

May 1st to Jun. 30th – Julbo & 15 pack of Action Wipes

Jul. 1st to Aug. 31st – Ibex & All in One Kit from Action Wipes

Sept. 1st to Oct. 31st – Osprey & 15 pack of Action Wipes

Nov. 1st to Dec. 31st – Princeton Tec a All in One Kit from Action Wipes

How to play:

  • Go out and sleep in your bag, in the woods on an overnight trip.
  • Photos are welcome and will be posted (email the to scatman at adventuresofscatman dot com)
  • Bonus Points! will be awarded to those who follow AOS on Twitter and Facebook and any of the sponsors on both as well.
  • Don’t worry you can enter retroactively by listing your nights you’ve spent outdoors already.



Sponsors on Twitter:

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I will track everyone’s bag nights on a Goggle Doc and update the leader board which is located on the right side of my site.  So add up those nights you’ve already been outside and start planning the next trip and enter to win!


Photos of contestants

Get out there!
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  1. Josh says:

    sweet contest, thanks, So far this year I have logged 3 bag nights all at the Red River Gorge in KY. Jan 2nd and 3rd (got down to a cool 18 degrees) and again Friday the 13th! I have pics on google plus but I can link them to facebook. Saw your post on

  2. Slugman says:

    I spent January 1st and 2nd at Norwegian Memorial in Olympic national Park, and January 13th and 14th at Toleak Point, also in ONP, both wilderness beach backpacking trips. Photos are at That’s four night so far.

  3. Tom Pitts says:

    Love the idea for the contest. My first trip of the year was January 13-15, on the Buffalo River Trail between Camp Orr & Pruitt, AR for 2 bag nights.

  4. Tom Pitts says:

    I liked your page, Therm-a-Rest, Princeton Tec, ibex, Outdoor Research, and Stanley on Facebook.

  5. Tom Pitts says:

    I followed your page, Therm-a-Rest, Princeton Tec, & ibex, on Twitter (I already follow Outdoor Research on Twitter).

  6. I came across the link to your site on – I love the site so far!

    I followed you and all of the sponsors on facebook – maybe this contest will give me some inspiration to squeeze in some extra nights in the bag.

  7. Scatman says:

    Thanks for the props Justin. Any nights in the bag yet?

  8. Jordan says:

    Yeah this is sweet. Seems like I sleep in my sleeping bag almost every weekend at the trailhead somewhere. Slept 2 nights in Silverton, CO Jan 6-7. Slept in my Big Agnes tent the following weekend just outside of Leadville, CO Jan 14th after a snowbike race in Copper.

  9. Scatman says:

    Nice work Jordan! Your on the board.

  10. awesome contest well me and the kids went on a 4 night hiking/camping trip on Jan 20th-23rd so i guess i logged 4nights in the bag, Awesome site.

  11. oh sorry forgot to add we camped in redden state forest De

  12. Scatman says:

    Thanks Jeremy! 4 nights with kids in Jan. that’s impressive.

  13. Jill says:

    Cool idea….I am in. Will get Jan totals to you soon! Not following anyone on Twitter ever so I will just have to make up those points with more bag nights :-)

  14. Scatman says:

    what about following the sponsors on FB?

  15. Jill says:

    7nights in Jan with some big stuff planned in Feb! Come on, girls, represent the gender. Let’s give these boys a run for their money!

  16. Slugman says:

    Three more nights, this time car camping at Cape Disappointment State Park at the mouth of the mighty Columbia river. January 26th, 27th, and 28th, and I drove home on the 29th. Just me and Daisy the wonder dog, grooving on the beach walks, dune grass, driftwood, and the miles of trails through the woods.

  17. Slugman says:

    I am also now following you on Facebook and twitter, and I did the same on both for all the sponsors. Stanley, Outdoor Research, Ibex, Julbo, Princeton Tec, Therm-a-rest, and Action Wipes, facebook and twitter for each. I wasn’t on twitter, so I had to sign up for that. My name there is slugmanhiker, same as on youtube.

  18. Scatman says:


    You forgot about Osprey!

  19. Greetings Scatman! I just had two nights backpacking in the Adirondack High Peaks and one night car camping on a trip last weekend. I would have been out longer but the warm temps have forced some nasty snow melt. I don’t mind fording through streams, but rather the air temp wasn’t in the 20s.
    Oh and follow you on twitter and facebook.

  20. slugman says:

    I did forget about Osprey! I went by the two lists above, sponsors on Facebook, sponsors on Twitter. I have now Liked and Followed Osprey on FB and Twt.

  21. Dawn Bernard says:

    Can we jump in at any time? No nights in the bag yet, but there’s still plenty of year left to go 😀

  22. Scatman says:

    You can jump in any time since contests all have a chance at a random grand prize and they can also only win one bi-monthly prize. Plenty of chances to win. If you do some liking and following you can put some points up now. (those extra points go towards your total but you’ll be on the board. Where did you find out about the contest?

  23. Tim Roach says:

    Had ankle surgery mid January so not walking yet …but defiantly up for the challenge.

  24. Scatman says:

    Plenty of nights in the year. Heal up Tim.

  25. katie sorensen says:

    i dont suppose military counts does it? lol

  26. Scatman says:

    If your out on a mission and not in tent on base you can count them.

  27. Michael Brouillette says:

    Heading over to the Ice Age Trail Gathering for the weekendand will be camping does that count

  28. Michael Brouillette says:

    I didn’t see Mont Beel or Ospery in the list of facebook or twitter to follow I follow both of them

  29. Scatman says:

    I added the links to Osprey. Montbell isn’t on either site.

  30. Nelson Stegall says:

    get outside!! peace

  31. Scatman says:

    nicely said Nelson!

  32. Nelson says:

    Getting a slow start to do life getting in the way but got some great trips planed so look out. I said I was goin to do 104 nights this year. Peace

  33. Ryan Davies says:

    Good luck everyone! If you do not think I have camped the nights I say,contact me on Facebook to see the trip pics. I go out every single weekend for exploration trips with a small group of us from southwest Missouri and northwest Arkansas. To bad thru hikes will not count on this contest, starting mid March doing a 30 day hike on the Ozark Trail, June doing a 15 day hike on the Ozark Highland Trail and Oct doing a 15 day on the River To River Trail in southern IL. . Again good luck to everyone and be a happy camper!

  34. Ryan Davies says:

    Also I liked all the Facebook companies, already had most of them liked before I entered the contest and I already follow OR and Thermarest on Twitter. If you can add those to my totals that would be sweet.

  35. Scatman says:

    Sounds like your getting out a lot without the thru-hikes. I had to draw the line somewhere so the contest wasn’t over before it started. Plus the idea is to get people outside. Those who are thru-hiking probably don’t need much help getting motivated. So this is for the rest. Thanks for joining the contest!

  36. Scatman says:

    Nice, I like the throwing down of the challenge! Get out there!

  37. Ryan Davies says:

    Going to bag 2 more nights this coming weekend at Leatherwood Wilderness Area in Arkansas, its the largest continuous forest area in the eastern United States.

  38. Scatman says:

    You are going to take this bi-monthly prize at this rate! Nice job so far.

  39. Ryan Davies says:

    Is there somewhere I can see other peoples pictures from the contest? All mine are posted on my Facebook page if anyone is wanting to see them.

  40. Scatman says:

    I asked for photos but many people haven’t sent any in. It’s not mandatory. If you look on my home page you will find a post titled “BNC Contest Photos” or something close to that. I’m posting any photos I get there.

  41. Jill says:

    Add 7 nights in a bag…5 in AZ, 2 more in SW CO..Bikepacking count double?

  42. Ryan Davies says:

    I would REALLY like to see peoples pictures of bag nights!

  43. Ryan Davies says:

    Bagging another night this Saturday in the Richland Creek Wilderness Area in Northwest Arkansas.

  44. Early this month my lady and I were struck yet again by the allure of the Goldmeyer Hotsprings. The Middle Fork road that leads to the trailhead is a gnarly pot holed mess this time of the year. Sometimes driving speeds as low as 2-3 miles per hour. On top of that, the Toyota Tacoma with 31 inch tires was pushing some heavy snow. Leaving the truck at the trailhead was a calculated risk. All weather reports were promising as far as the snow stopping and temperatures rising even though the snow was coming down pretty hard at the time. We snowshoed with enough eccouterments for two nights. The first night was magical and we had the whole place to ourselves. Late the next day people started showing up and said the road was clearing up nicely. WHEW! In the end, through all the nasty obstacles, breaking trail, camping on snow under trees that keep dropping clumps of snow (tarp or 4 season tent is very beneficial) Goldmeyer is one of the most magical places to be.

  45. Kent says:

    You can check out my pics of nights out here…. I’ve been out 23 nights in the past couple months. Zero people on the Wenatchee River for the 10 days I camped there last week. All the snow helped keep out the riff raff from Seattle!….:)