So the other day I noted my wallet was getting pretty worn out.  It has survived my 4800 mile trip in 2007 and the next five years.  I started by making a simple copy of the original (Alchemy Goods).  Instead of making one from bike tubes like the original I decided to use some scrap 2 layer GoreTex Multicam, I got from work.  There are two reasons for this:  the first is my sewing machine can’t handle tubes and secondly I love the look of Multicam.

The top wallet is the copy.  The bottom two are a design I saw the other night.  They feature a full window on the back instead of the smaller one like the original one.  This will hopefully eliminate one from having to take their license out because whoever’s looking at it can’t see the whole thing.  The second and the coolest thing about the bottom two are they have a tab you can pull and as you pull it slides your ATM card and whatever other cards you have inside out so you can access them.

I will be making small tweaks to them and will hopefully start producing them.  So if you want one let me know.  Color options coming soon.

Front View


Back View


Note Tab in center of back.

Pull tab and presto, your ATM or other cards pop out


This one is slightly wider than the black version.

I’m think next I will make a pouch that holds ones cell phone, id, cards and cash for one the bike.  A wallet and cell phone case in one.  I’m hoping the clear plastic I have allows one to still use the touch screen of their smart phone.

Get out there!
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