Name my bike Contest – Winner Announced


Sadly to say there weren’t manny votes, but those that did come in were for Hugo Reyes.  This means that Sarah is our winner!  Congrats.


So if you follow my blog you probably know I I got a new bike, a Surly Pugsley.  It needs a name.  I’ve been told I can’t call all my bikes by the same name.  I’ve also be scolded and told bikes shouldn’t have names but be called, “it”.

So here’s the deal, submit your suggested name by leaving a comment on this post, (I do not mean Facebook but on here).  I’ll post the names as I get them.  After a week from the post date I’ll open the voting.  Vote by leaving a comment for the best name.  Voting will close Wednesday the 18th at noon, PST.  Winner takes all!

Here he/she is, what should her name be?


At-At by Errin

Oprah by Jill

Raleigh by Sally

Fatlip by Marcy

Phat Lightning by Jeremy

The Wampa by Matt

Hugo by Sarah

Stay-Puff by Brett

Name me!


So the winner is going to get a custom Gas Tank for their bike.  I’ll also fill it with some goodness too!  Expect your gas tank to look a little something like this but with much cooler colors.

Gas Tank by Scatman

Get out there!
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Feed the Machine, hydrated by nuun, organized by GYST Concept, kept clean by Action Wipes, and built for life like Stanley.


  1. Sally says:


  2. Marcy says:

    Oprah is pretty awesome. Or you could call it Fatlip.

  3. Phat Lightning.

    Sort of a play on the Greased Lightning car from the movie Grease.

  4. Matt says:

    Staying with the Star Wars theme, “the Wampa”

  5. sarah says:

    Hurley (Hugo Reyes)

  6. Scatman says:

    I like Hugo a lot.

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  7. brett says:

    with it being white, it seems like Stay-Puff would be a no brainer. Now if only you could get a BFL in a whitewall…

  8. Jill says:

    Vote: Oprah Male=female bike name Female=male bike name. Hugo=thumbs down.

    This time I want Wonderwoman on my tank bag :-)

  9. Brian says:

    Sir Burly or Surly Burly

  10. I vote for Hurley/ Hugo Rayes. (from LOST)

  11. Joshie Poo says:

    Hurley The Surly (Hugo. Boss.)