SSCX Cup 2011

One night over some beers, okay a lot of beers three single speeders from three different teams formed a contest.  That contest was the SSCX Cup.  The idea was to spice up the single speed class with a little side contest.  Riders finishing in the top 15 of each single speed race earned points for their team.  The team with the most points at the end of the season would win the inaugural SSCX Cup.  They didn’t stop there though.  They wanted to make this contest fun and decided that the two losing teams had to pay the bar tab for the winning team at a post season party.  Also the team finishing last would also have to don bikinis and wash the winning teams bikes.

When this plan was formed many riders were not privy to it.  To say the least some were not happy with the format as it was clear Hodala had an advantage despite rules to make it fair.  Alki-Rubicon and Team Stanley had their work cut out for them.  In the end Hodala took the win with Alki-Rubicon in second and Team Stanley in their bikinis were last.

Final points for the 2011 SSCX

228.5  Hodala

159  Alki-Rubicon

36  Team Stanley

If you’re interested in competing in the SSCX Cup 2012 don’t be afraid as the rules will be tweaked again but more importantly the ladies will be able to compete next year too.  For more information anyone on one of this teams to be directed in the right direction.

The following video is from the after party and is a collection of short interviews with riders from all the teams plus a few others.

After Party Coverage

Bikini bike wash video

Get out there!
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