Ski season is here!

Itís that time of year again, skiing season.¬† I saw the first Tweets about the conditions at Cabin Creek last night.¬† Cabin Creek was first groomed last Friday.¬† So wax up those skis and get out there.¬† The trails wait.¬† Itís been a while so check out this Checklist so you donít forget anything.


Want to know where to ski?  Here is a great list to get you started.

More information on grooming and trail conditions can be found at: the the Snow Rec website.

You can get trail conditions and groom information on Twitter for these locations.


Cabin Creek

Erling Stord

Iron Horse (including dogsled trails)

Lake Easton

Salmon La Sac

Road conditions, and weather sites and Twitter feeds.

WSDOT Passes

I90 Traveler Information

Nordic Chris óweather at the pass

Summit at Snoqualmie

Cascade Crud

MVSTA (Methow Trails)


Other References

  • State Sno-Parks? Grooming Hot-line (Iron Horse andLakeEaston) 509-656-2230
  • Cabin Creek and Erling Stordahl currently do not have a recorded message.
  • Summit Nordic Ski and Weather Conditions, call 425-434-7669 ext. 3253, or visit SUMMIT NORDIC


Get out there!

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  1. Jill says:

    Do regulations exist that prohibit fatbikes on the trails?

  2. Scatman says:

    That is something I have not looked into. I do not recall seeing any signs that say you can’t but then again Fat Bikes are so new that I’m sure no has had to address the issue yet. I’m guessing that even though there are no signs saying you can’t, the welcome you’d receive from the skiers would be less than friendly. The better place to go might be on the ski mobile trails. Though they might not like a slow moving bike on their trails either. Will Fat Bikes become the bastard step child with no place to play?

  3. Jill says:

    What if I brought extra whiskey in my flasks attached to the fork? Can NW skiiers be bribed?

    Hopefully this is the trend for all: