I’m Getting Fat…

I promised pictures of the fatness.  Despite her size she can move.  Don’t let looks deceive you.  I can’t decided where to take her on our first date, a romantic stroll on the beach, a cold but serene snow bike ride in the mountains, or for a dirty roll in the mud?  Fat bike love…ah.

Anyone have any suggestions?

23C Road tire, 3.7" (94mm) Fat Bike tire, and 2.0" (54mm) mtb tire.

Side Profile

Side wall

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Gone Fat

Fat bikes / snow bikes whatever you want to call it, it’s FAT!
Get out there!
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Feed the Machine, hydrated by nuun, organized by GYST Concept, kept clean by Action Wipes, and built for life like Stanley.


  1. BIANCHI says:

    Dirty, dirty mud man… I say head up to Bham and find the gnarliest, muddiest trail. don’t stop until the bike makes you stop (ie: you find trail conditions so bad, even that chubby monkey can’t hack it. BTW, I be jealous…

  2. Jill says:

    The sandy Washington coastline on Nates…..And name her Rosie

  3. Scatman says:

    I just couldn’t get myself to ride the PUGS in the mud on it maiden voyage. I hit Alki beach. Loose rocks still suck the life out of your legs even with a 3.7″ tire.