Death March

Today I went for a hike to Bridge of Heaven outside Ouray, CO. The altitude was bad enough but when you figure in I haven’t done shit when it comes to exercise besides ride 9 miles to work I got my ass kicked. As I showered later every muscle was tender. The hike was almost 100% on snow and uphill. I haven’t snow shoed that far in a long long time either.

The view as you will see below where amazing. Unfortunately due to a late start and less than great conditions we only made it to about 11,700′ and did not make the summit. The whole hike was a grind and my head was swimming. It went something like this: step, step, step, stop, breath and rest, step, step, step step, stop, breath and rest. Even though it was super tough on me I enjoyed it. I’ll sleep like a baby tonight.

Get out there!
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