Mammut TR1 + Ambient light Set Review


TR1 + Ambient light Set

$44.95 (purchase here)



Test Period: 7 months

Field Tester: Scatman

This was the second Mammut headlamp I’ve tried over the years.  The first was quickly returned because I couldn’t feel the buttons to turn it on with my gloves on while skate skiing.  It’s a shame as it really lit up the trail.  When I first tried the Mammut TR1 there was no chance I was returning it.  The TR1 has a simplicity that begs the question why others haven’t done the same.  The only confusing part of the light is the check battery feature.  One could easily confuse it for an emergency strobe feature which the TR1 is supposed to have but I can not for the life of me figure it out. (After a quick call to Mammut I found out they are one in the same.  The emergency strobe feature is also the battery check.  There is no directions or mention of the emergency strobe in the directions.  This could be helpful.)

I really like the safety on/off switch.  You can lock the headlamp for travel so that it never gets turned on in your pack, suitcase or where ever you decide to keep it.  To change the angle of the beam one simply just has to reach up and lightly adjust the lamp.  It pivots on the sides and moves smoothly unlike most other brands where they ratchet.  You’re probably thinking you’d bump it and accidentally move it.  Well I only did this twice in seven months and it was while trying to swat a mosquito.  The lamp has a range of 45 degrees.

I also really like the simple black, gray and red color scheme.  It’s clean and uncluttered.  Though the two best features in my mind are the beam itself, and the fact that when you turn it on it starts on the low setting instead of the highest.  There’s two reason this is good in my mind.  Number one is battery life and number two is it’s harder for your eyes to adjust to a dimmer setting if you have to switch to one after being on a brighter one.  The beam the TR1 casts is a perfect circle, like a spot light on a stage (a flood beam).  If you got bored in the shelter or your tent you could put on one killer sock puppet show!   The beam is almost as bright at the edges as it is in the center.  The TR1 is quite bright on the high setting, providing 20 meters on high and 12 on the low setting.  Battery life is 60-25 hours (high – low)

The last cool thing about the TR1 is the Ambient feature.  It’s a detachable plastic cover that clips on the lamp itself.  When in place your headlamp instantly becomes a camp lantern.  Hang your strap from the dome of your tent or a nail in the shelter, or simply stand it up on the ground.  The result of the Ambient feature is you get a light source that is no longer a focused beam but a defused source like that of a lantern.  Personally I’m shocked I didn’t lose the Ambient part of my headlamp.  It is a great feature but I can see one forgetting it at home, in the tent pocket, or simply losing it all together.  Being a ultralite hiker I see the Ambient feature as a added frill that I could live without.  It’s nice but just another unnecessary item in my pack.

The Facts:

LED Type 4 x Definition.LED
Light-Pattern in m/h Flood-Light HIGH 20 m / 25 h
Light-Pattern in m/h Flood-Light LOW 12 m / 60 h
Lightangle Flood-Light in Grad 45°
Batteries 3 / AAA incl.
Switch Lock Ja
Battery Check Ja

 For the romantic ambiance of an evening under canvas or simply as the ideal complement to the headlamp. No additional batteries are required and it weighs in at just a few grams. -Mammut

Pros and Cons:  The Pros of this lamp are easy:  simplicity, beam (brightness and spread), and locking feature.  The Cons would have to be the ease in which one might misplace the Ambient feature and lack of thorough directions.  Don’t get me wrong their not like those you get with an Apple product where you’re supposed to just know everything but slightly more detail of the emergency strobe would be nice.  

Overall: The concept of this lamp is solid, as is it’s performance.  The Mammut TR1 is a winner in my book and found a place in my pack.  If you want a headlamp that will perform look no further, you’ve seen the light.



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