AT 2001 – Wadleigh – Hurd Brook Lean-to

Day 151

07-28-01 19.6 miles

Wadleigh → Hurd Brook Lean-to

AT – 2149.5

The mosquitoes were bad last night.  I was happy to be in my tent.  Jeff and I talked a bunch from within our tents.  Neither of us could sleep.

We got up late around 8am.  The climb up Nesuntabunt Mtn. was tougher than I expected.  I did get a wonderful view of Katahdin up there.  The hiking seemed to drag on before lunch, which was at Rainbow Stream Lean-to.  What a pretty stream.  The water was so clean.

After lunch things picked up.  I felt good for a while but I got tired later on.  I stopped at the Southeast end of Rainbow Lake and sat on some rocks to escape the mosquitoes.  They are really bad in the woods.  The water was so clear.  I could see 8’ down, if not more.

It was then up to Rainbow Ledges and another great view of Katahdin.  I forced myself to stop day dreaming near the top so I could think about what I have accomplished.  As I sat looking at the big K, I couldn’t believe it’s almost over.  I still don’t know what I will do when I’m home.  It’s scary when you think about it.  2100 miles to think about my life and I still don’t know.  Maybe its meant to be that way.  Someone on the trail told me not to worry.  Everything will come to light in its own time.  It’s been a great trip.  I’ll be happy and sad when it’s over.  I will miss many people who I have met.  So many memories!  It’s been all worth it.

I’ll be E.T. camping tonight.  There bugs are driving me crazy.


Get Out There!

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