AT 2001 – Day 148 – Chairback – Logan Brook Lean-to

Day 148, 07-25-01

Chairback – Logan Brook Lean-to

17.1 ó miles, AT ó 2096.7

I didnít sleep well at all.¬† The shelter deck was very uneven.¬† I kept sliding down.¬† Plus it was hot until it rained.

The trail was very easy compare to the last couple of days.¬† The humidity was greatly less today.¬† I actually had 10 miles in by 11:30am.¬† Thatís the first time in a while.¬† Lunch was at Carl Newhall Lean-to.

Having fun with my fro.

After lunch on top of Gulf Hagas Mtn. I got my first good view of Katahdin.¬† It brought tears to my eyes.¬† I canít believe its been 15yrs. And 2000+ miles to get here.¬† I saw OJI and Double Top Mtns.¬† Itís tough to express my feelings at night.¬† Usually Iím too tired or uncomfortable to write.¬† It blew me away seeing Katahdin.¬† Never have I been so happy to see a pile of rocks.¬† All I think about is summit day.¬† Itís going to be so nice to hike back up with Mark and my dad like we did 15yrs ago.¬† I canít wait.

I forged a river w/o getting any leeches.¬† But a dog did bark its head off at me while I took off my shoes.¬† Tonight itís cooler and less humid.¬† Itís still early but I donít have much to write.¬† I can say I only have 5 days left and I canít wait to be home.¬† The trail has diffidently taken itís toll on me.¬† My feet are hurting.¬† I must roll my ankles¬† 3-4 times a day.¬† MY left ankle hurts ever morning when I wake up.¬† My knuckle still hurts from when I fell.¬† Tomorrow should be real easy.

I remember catching Squiggy a little after I saw Kathadin.¬† He was looking at the wrong mountain.¬† I laughed so hard.¬† We sat and talked while just staring at Kathadin.¬† I hadnít spent much time with Squiggy so it was nice to be around someone new so close to the end.

Scatman 2011- I was happy the weather was a bit more tame. ¬†The humidity was brutal and starting to really wear me down. ¬†Now we just had to worry about mosquitoes and bad shelters. ¬†I was still so worried every time I went in the water I’d come out with leaches all over my legs. ¬†Nasty little buggers. ¬†Seeing Squiggy again was great. ¬†I had only met him twice before. ¬†Since the trail Squiggy and I have become good friends. ¬†It’s funny how one can spend just a handful of hours with someone and that’s all it takes to build the foundation of a last friendship.



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