AT 2001 – Day 147 – Wilson Valley – Chairback Lean-to

Day 147

07-24-01 Day 147

Wilson Valley – Chairback Lean-to

15.6 miles, AT ó 2079.6

Day of Rain 35

There was a mouse running around last night.¬† I was scared he was going to get into my 6 days of food.¬† I didnít sleep well at all.

I got going slowly.¬† It was 93% humidity and about 85-90¬į.¬† Hiking was so tough.¬† I had to wring my shirt out every time I stopped.

I had lunch at Cloud Pond Lean-to.¬† It rained while we ate.¬† The shelter was .4 off the trail.¬† I saw two snakes after leaving.¬† There were no views or anything exciting about the day.¬† The humidity made visibility almost impossible.¬† It was so hazy.¬† Hiking was so tough w/ the heat.¬† Iíve never sweat so bad in my life.

Tonight itís Weatherman, Pinky, Mortis, Jeff, Squiggy, and myself.¬† 3 Soboís are tenting behind the shelter.

While trying to bath in the small stream near camp the 3 soboís almost caught my naked.¬† I had to wait to finish my bath.¬† After a day like this even my whoreís bath felt wonderful.¬† It made life a little nicer for a short time, until I got hot again.

Scatman 2011- ¬†Again all I can recall is the oppressive heat. ¬†I was surprised to see as many people as I had. ¬†My belief was the 100 Mile Wilderness was just that, a wilderness. ¬†I hadn’t expected so many people to be out here. ¬†Compared to some of the wilderness on the PCT the 100 Mile doesn’t come close. ¬†The other interesting fact about this section trail is some of the shelters were what is called “Baseball Bat” shelters. ¬†Instead of the the deck you sleep on being flat boards it was made out of logs the size of, you guessed it, baseball bats. ¬†They were not comfortable at all.



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