AT 2001 – Day 138 – Bemis – Rangeley

Day 138, 07-15-01

Bemis – Rangeley

17.7 miles, AT  – 1948.1

Day of Rain 32

I woke up early in the night feeling claustrophobic and hot.  I was breathing heavy and my head was spinning.  It was really crazy.  I never felt that way before.  There were too many people in the shelter.  Luckily Crash couldnt sleep either and she was next to me.  She got up and slept on the floor of the shelter.  After that I slept okay.

I was third out of the shelter but I caught Arlo at lunch and later we caught up to Pinky.  I heard some Loons calling when I passed one of the many ponds during the day.

It rained again.  The trail was very muddy.  When I first left the shelter, I hiked across these rock balds.  With the fog, it was very scary.  Very slippery.

We got a ride from a couple from Ohio.  We stunk so bad.  I felt bad for them.  One we got dropped off, we ate at a sports bar.  Then it was off to the laundry mat.  We got a room on the pond.  We packed everyone in when they showed up.  We ordered pizza for dinner.  The loons were calling after it got dark.  There was also bullfrogs and other ducks making noise too.  We got to bed really late.  I got to sleep in a bed and I had it all to myself!

Scatman 2011- The episode I had in the middle of the night has yet to happen again in the last 10 years.  I really attribute it to the close quarters of the shelter.  I was pressed right up against the shelter wall.  I recall sitting up and just rocking back and fourth.

Luckily the day went better than that.  Despite the rain and mud we got to town and were able to relax.  When the older gentleman who offered us a ride asked if we want wanted said ride I thought his wife was going to faint.  The look on her face was classic.  She wouldn’t be very good at poker I can tell you that much.  I honestly felt bad for them since we did stink so bad.  I recall her telling us their car at home was a Lexus, suggesting their rental car was not up to par.  I thought it such an odd comment at the time.  A thru-hiker isn’t really concerned with the make or model of anything.  If it works, runs, holds water, keeps water out, etc. were happy.  All I cared was their rental car got me to town.  It could have been a pick up with pigs in the back and I wouldn’t have cared.

I have limited photos since I broke my camera back in the whites.



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