AT 2001 – Day 133 – Imp Shelter – Gorham

Day 133, 07-10-01

Imp – Gorham

8.0 miles, AT  –  1870.2

Sorry no pictures today

I slept like a champ.  I sneaked out of camp without paying the fee.  I took the AT and the rest took a side trail which went right into town.  I met Julie and Mike (they are Jason Fowlers girlfriends sister and her husband).  They were really high in spirits and nice to talk to.  We talked for twenty minutes.

When I was about to hit the road, I was spooked by a guy who was running the trail.  He walked with me to the parking lot.  He started May 15th and will be done on July 19th.  His wife gave me a soda and some chips.  I got a ride from an older couple.  Once in town I was informed, we were staying in town.  I didnt argue.

We stayed at Hikers Paradise.  We did the normal town stuff.  We got a ride from a cool lady.  She had a 7.5-week-old puppy too.  The puppy was so cute.  For dinner we had Chinese food.  The waiter had two thumbs.  I got new shoes and a bite valve at the outfitter.  I dropped the bite valve in the store and had to go back the next day.  We rented bikes from the hostel to get around.  I had Ninja Turtle sheets.

After dinner, I drank a beer and went to bed.  I had the top bunk above Captain.

Scatman 2011- By this point my old shoes were so completely dead and filled with bacteria.  I was happy to get new ones but also worried they would give me blisters.  When I look back now I can’t believe I waited so long.  On the PCT I replaced my shoes ever 350-450 miles regardless and it’s not nearly as rough as the AT.  I guess it took me hiking the AT to learn shoes only last that long.  So many people on forums talk about wearing 1-2 pairs of shoes for the whole trail.  What they don’t know is even though their shoes look find they are not.  Between the bacteria and the breakdown of the cushioning their shoes are really hurting them over helping.  But unless you put on a newer pair of shoes you wouldn’t know it.  You just write off the foot pain as part of the trails of hiking 2100 miles.  Don’t!  Replace those shoes and socks often!  Don’t believe me ask any running expert.



Get out there!

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