AT 2001 – Day 131 – Perch – Madison Hut

Day 131, 07-08-01

Perch – Madison Hut

1.5 miles, AT  – 1841.3

Again let me say last night was the pits.  Captain and I left early to keep from paying the overnight fee.  We had breakfast on the trail.

Scatman in drag

Once at Madison, we found all the kids warm and not going anywhere.  After much debate, it was decided we all would go to Osgood tent site.  Some took naps, some fooled around for a while.  After taking naps, Speedy and Arlo changed their minds and were going to stay.  I finally agreed to stay too.

Speedy with Crash in background

We helped with serving dinner and the dishes.  While this went on, we were dressed like women and were drinking with the croo (crew).  We also talked a bit with the people staying at the hut.

Inside Madison Hut

After dinner, it was more dishes and then out back for more drinking.  Around 10:30 PM I had enough and I made it to a dinner table and went to bed.

The croo there were great.  I had a great time with them.

Scatman 2011- This was officially my shortest day of hiking on the whole trip.  1.5 miles!  No one wanted to hike today or make any kind of decision.  It was a wonderful stay at the hut.  Usually they don’t take more than 2 work for stay hikers but they let me stay.  Our payment for getting to sleep on a dining room table was to serve food, clean dishes and sweep up.  Not a bad deal for a two hot meals and a place to sleep.



Get out there!

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