AT 2001 – Day 127 – Kinsman Pond – Garfield Ridge Campsite

Day 127, 07-04-01

Kinsman Pond – Garfield Ridge Campsite

15.1 miles, AT  –  1805.7

I awoke to a sandal hitting me on the back.  It was Sam and I was pooped.

We planned an early start since we had such a tough day ahead.  What a tough day it was.  My quads are killing me.

Sunrise of Lafayette Ridge

We all stopped by Lonesome Lake Hut to see Crash and Burn, who did a work for stay.  We also were looking to score some free leftovers.  We managed to get some scones.   As we left, it was apparent that the three cups of coffee Arlo had had set in.  He was off like a flash.

The climb up Liberty left me wringing out my shirt at the tent site 7/8ths of the way up.  I hung out and waited for everyone to catch up.  Arlo pushed on ahead still feeling his coffee buzz.

Lonesome Lake Hut

The walk along the Lafayette Ridge was a spectacular as last year.  None of the kids have ever been in the Whites so they were blown away.  Once on top of Mt. Lafayette, we had lunch and play hacky sack.

The hike to Garfield was tough.  Long downs and more up.  I was really hurting most of the way.  I stopped to take a picture of Lafayette and as I put my camera in my pouch, it one made it halfway in.  Before I could adjust it, it fell, hit a rock and now its broken.  Im sorry to say there will be no pictures of Mt. Washington and maybe more.

We slowly made it over Garfield and to camp by 4:20 PM.  Speedy and Knatty went on to Galehead to go a work for stay.  Still no BA.  Just myself, Arlo, Crash and Burn.

I saw my first Canada Jays today.  I forgot but yesterday a Ruby Throated Hummingbird came into camp at lunch.  It checked us out and buzzed around a bit and took off.

Scatman 2011- Today was the introduction to the Whites and it was straight up.  The trail up Liberty to Lafayette Ridge is a thigh killer.  The trail goes straight up the mountain without a sign switchback and at times it resembles a river bed.  You’re constantly taking huge steps and it’s relentless.  All that said, it’s so worth the pain and suffering.  The views on the ridge are amazing.

The section of trail from Lafayette to Mt. Garfield kicked my butt in a major way.  I was dragging ass big time.  It took a lot of mental strength to keep it together on this day.  I might have cracked if I didn’t know what was in store for me.



Get out there!

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