AT 2001 – Day 124 – Smarts Mtn. – Ore Hill Shelter

Day 124, 07-01-01

Smarts Mtn. – Ore Hill Shelter

12.6 miles, AT  –  1762.2

I got up real early.  I had to be real quiet not to wake anyone.  I didnt do a good job.  I was out of camp at 6 AM.

The hike down was nice.  Lots of moose droppings and some tracks.  I stopped at Hexacube Shelter.  There was some Dartmouth College kids there.  It was a really cool shelter.  It was a hexagon as the name suggests.  Two side were open.  Very neat.


I hiked up Mt. Cube, which had granite faces.  It has some nice views too.  On the way down I heard thunder rolling in.

I made it to home for the night at 12 noon. I got water and washed while killing mosquito after mosquito.  I walked backed to camp naked like Kevin Costner in Dances with Wolves.  Lucky for me, no Indians or hikers were there stealing my stuff.  As I sat to eat, the thunder turned to heavy rains and lightening.  It rained until 8 PM.  The thunder stayed around a while too.  I took a nap and woke to find Canine hanging out.  He said I was out for a while.  Finally the others started to show up wet and cold.  Canine took a nap until 4 PM.

Speedy laughing uncontrollably

The kids, except B/A. moved on.  He went onto a hostel.  We all sat around till it was time to eat.  After dinner we played some games, then went to bed.  The mosquitoes were terrible plus it was hot.  I couldnt sleep totally in my bag and I couldnt sleep with my arms out without being eaten alive.  I finally put my tent up ET style.  I tied a rope on the beam above me and just hooked two ties of the test to it, no poles or anything.  It was like bivy.  Arlo, Crash and I all did this.

Scatman 2011- I can’t believe at this point I was stopping at noon for the day!  It’s crazy.  I know it was the thought of losing my group that kept me on the same schedule as them.  Unfortunately for me I just hiked a lot faster than them so I had a lot more time to kill each day at camp.  I remember being all clean and smelling nice and when the kids showed up I was almost knocked over by their smell.  I recall saying something to Crash and she quickly told me I stunk like that too when I had my hiking clothes on.  This day taught me a hiking lesson:  As long as you don’t smell worse or less than those around you no one will notice.  Basically I no longer worry about being smelly when I hike because everyone else does too.



Get out there!

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