AT 2001 – Day 94 – Blue Mountain Lakes Road – Rutherford Shelter

Day 94, 06-01-01

Blue Mountain Lakes Road – Rutherford Shelter

22.4 miles, AT  –  1313.9 –  1345 Feet

6:30 AM 5L20 PM

Day 20 Rain

Last night was a good night.  I slept well.  I found my Leatherman inside my sleeping bag.  The odd part is I had it totally unzipped at Petes place.  I cant believe it never fell out.

We got an early start.  Moonshower, Mukwa, Anduleia, Hatman, HappyFeet and Tangent all walked in a big group.  I stayed with them all day.  We had a nice break on a rocky mountaintop. Nice views and breeze.  I was still very sleepy so I didnt say much most of the morning.  After the break, I snapped out of it.  The next stop was a road crossing, where Worthingtons Bakery was.  I got two apple pastries for a buck.  They were some of the first to be made so they were a few hours old.  I called Jason Fowler and my fried in the Berkshires.  Both were good.  Jay is taking his CFA test tomorrow.

scarlet tanager

After lunch I realized I left my food bag at the store.  Luckily it wasnt far back when I remembered.  We had lunch late 2 PM.  After lunch my shin began to hurt.  Mind you Im the eighth person to have this shin problem.  Its a pain that starts low on the outside front of the shin and goes up.  It hurts really bad going down.  Im going to elevate it tonight.  I hope its better in the morning.  I dont want to slow down and chance losing this group. I really enjoy their company.

The shelter roof has a couple of leaks.  One is right next to my head.  We put a bandana down to keep it from splashing my down bag.  Saw a deer (60).

Time for bed.  Lets hope the leg is better tomorrow.

Scatman 2011- I recall Blue Mountain Lakes Road where we slept but I don’t recall the rest of the day.  I do however remember the shin pain.  It got really bad by the end of the day.  I recall Tangent gave me some sort of pain pill and I elevated it all night.  The shelter was pretty run down and in a hollow.



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