AT 2001 – Day 123 – Moose Mtn. – Smarts Mtn.

Day 123, 06-30-01

12.6 miles, AT  – 1749.6

Day 25 Rain

We all got up late today.  No one wanted to get up or hike.  We finally left camp around 10:30 AM.  Burn bet me that I couldnt be the last one to camp, since Im so competitive.  She was wrong!  I will receive a foot massage as a result.

We only made in about 5-6 miles and we stopped for lunch at Trapper John Shelter.  As we ate, a thunderstorm moved in.  We hung out till 4:45 PM.  It was still raining when we left.

I had to go really slow so not to pass anyone.  I hung out with Knatty and Speedy, while keeping a close eye on Burn and BA.  We had a long climb to do to camp, so we took many breaks.  We had a couple of nice views and some really thick patches of pines that were really nice to see.  The climb was tough at the end.  Once of the steepest weve seen in a while.  It was a taste of what is to come.

The view from the fire tower could have been better if it wasnt so hazy.  Tonight were in a closed cabin.  We have a window open and the door for air.  Its damp though, so I hope things arent wet in the AM.  Arlo and Crash are sleeping in the fire tower.

Scatman 2011- I was the last one to camp but Burn tried to say I wasn’t on some small technicality but I won in the end.  The five of us stayed inside while Canine who none of us had met and one other person slept on the porch of the shelter.

I recall the climb to be touch like I say in the text above.  It was a true NE climb, no switchbacks, straight up!



Get out there!

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