AT 2001 – Day 121 – Hanover

Day 121, 06-28-01

Hanover 7 Maple Street

Zero Day, AT  –  1726.2

Got up later today.  We took a run to Louies Place for breakfast.  Another great place to eat.  I had a huge omelet and a chocolate chip pancake.  So much food.  After that it was running around town and do the logistics.  I e-mailed, shopped for food, and went to the outfitter.

A baby faced Captain

Later we played Frisbee on the green and went to a rope swing on the CT River.  When we got there, we were the only ones.  Within 5 minutes, there were 20 people.

Scat on a rope.

The girls in the house made dinner for us.  It was really good.  We rented Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon and Something About Mary.  I was falling asleep after the first one, but made it through both movies.

Diner with Speedy's Friends

I talked to the girls who messed with my tent.  They knew I was joking and they said it wouldnt happen again.  I couldnt yell at the actual girl since she went home.

Scatman 2011- Yes, another Zero Day after only two days of hiking.  The rope swing stands out the most to me and the crowded dinner.  By this point in the trip I no longer liked crowds.  I dealt with them since I wanted to gorge myself on food.  No hiker can pass up good food they don’t have to cook.  I don’t recall but I’m surprised I didn’t get pizza in this town.



Get out there!

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