AT 2001 – Day 119 – Pico (Scatcave) – Winhuri Shelter

Day 119, 06-26-01

Pico (Scatcave) – Winhuri Shelter

18.5 miles, AT  –  1699.9

Arlo enjoying clean sheets and a soft bed

Another late start.  Took a bit to clean up the condo.  I think I started around 12 PM.

Me at the Maine Junction

The first mile was so great.  The view in the woods was great. Some of the best scenery Ive seen.  Mt. Quimby was a total _itch.  A really tough climb.  The temperature was through the roof, too.  I ran out of water at least twice, maybe three times.  The day was overall a very tough day.  I finished and cooked my dinner in the dark.  I had dropped my bandana, but Knatty picked it up.

Captain down climbing with Speedy and Crash looking on.

I had to use the head net because the mosquitoes were bad.  Even with earplugs in, I could hear them.

Scatman 2011- I’ve said it once if not twice now but the day after a Zero Day is always hard.  It wouldn’t have been so back if we didn’t have to deal with the heat and humidity.  My shirt was soaked most of the day from sweating.  Today was a day you wish there were ponds along the trail to jump into every once in a while.



Get out there!

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