AT 2001 – Day 118 – Pico (Scatcave)

Day 118, 06-25-01

Zero Day, AT  –  1681.4

Pico (Scatcave)

We woke up later today.  Breakfast was serve yourself.  We got way too much food.

Drying out

Most of the day was spent hanging out.  We went to the post office.  Knatty, Arlo and I were the A Team.  The car we got a ride in was a wreck.  The lady paid $1,000 for it.  Arlos door wouldnt stay shut and the backdoors wouldnt open.  Arlo had to hold the door shut as we drove.  It was comical.  We got a ride back from a father-daughter group, who we passed a few days earlier.

Me in all my glory

We played Hacky-Sack on the lawn and just hung out.  Later in the afternoon, we watched movies well into the evening.  We watched True Romance, Magnolia and The Doors.  We went to bed at midnight

Scatman 2011- This Zero Day was the laziest ever I think.  Besides going to the Post Office we did nothing but eat and watch T.V.  After so many days of being active a day like this actually is bad for you.  I find it better to do at least some light activity on my days off.  If not the body shuts down.  We all shut down on this day and into the next.



Get out there!

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