AT 2001 – Day 110 – Dalton – Mark Noepel Lean-to

Day 110, 06-17-01
Dalton – Mark Noepel Lean-to
13.7 miles, AT – 1550.3
Day 23 Rain

The watch is broken so I canít give times of my hiking. Left town really late. Passed Speedy, then Arlo. Arlo (EZ Glider) and I stayed together until town where we met BA.

I saw more beaver ponds. I love to see ponds like these in the middle of no where. It such a nice scene compared to what we have in eastern MA.

I-90 or as it's called back east "the Mass Pike"

We almost have a view of Greylock but it was half in the clouds.

We hit a Shell Gas Station for snacks and lunch. I hit the trail again at 4 PM. The climb up Greylock was nice. I did a little trail work on the way up. I redirected some water that was on the trail. Iím half way up Greylock. Tonight should be cool since weíre at 2750 feet tonight.

I got hissed at by a ruffed grouse. I got between her and her chicks. She fanned her tail and hissed terribly at me. She was pissed off. I thought she was a rattlesnake.

This shelter has a bad porcupine problem. So tonight, hopefully, Iíll see my first porkie. They have chewed up this shelter a lot.

Scatman 2011- The momma grouse scared the shit out of me. ¬†It was kinda like a small dog who makes as much noise as a big dog, and let me tell you she had a bark! ¬†Hiking with the new crew was good. ¬†I don’t recall getting out of town but I remember the time spent in the woods. ¬†As I went to bed I noticed there were a small pile of rocks on the beam next to me. ¬†They were for throwing at the porcupines.



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