Squamish, BC Day 2

Today was day 2 of James and my re con of the Test of Metal (T.O.M).  We rode what would be the second half of the race.  If your not familiar with the TOM, it’s a 67k/ 42 mile mountain bike race with 35k of single track.  There’s something like 400 people in the race.

We climbed for 7+ miles then we descended through snow from a storm last weekend.  Quickly we were out of the snow and losing elevation fast.  We turned onto Powerhouse Plunge a black diamond and had to work a little on that one.  The weather which was light rain for most of the climb and some of the descent was now much nicer and warmer.  We would eventually meet a local named Steve who showed us the rest of the race course.  His assistance was great since we would have probably had to stop at least a half dozen more times to consult the map to figure out the route ourselves.

During our ride we rode the following trails:  Mamquam Forest Service Road, Ring Creek Rip, Powerhouse Plunge, Farside, Root 99, S & M Connector, and Endo.




James getting directions from the locals

Nine Mile Bridge

Me at the top of Ring Creep Rip

James tackling the snow

James on Powerhouse Plunge

Gorge at the Powerhouse

Weather Moving In

Stawamus Chief

Tomorrow is a much need day off for me. I’ve been on the bike for over a week now. Depending on weather I might try and play some disc golf here in Vancouver before I head home. After riding a good portion of the race course I’m feeling good about it. I hope to get back up here once more at least before I come up the week before the race. I have vacation to use and the plan is to come up mid week for some last minute re con.



Get out there!

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