AT 2001 – Day 92 – DWG

Day 92, 05-30-01

Zero Day, AT 1273.7

Delaware Water Gap

7:15 AM 11:45 AM

Pete had stopped at a Blockbuster and I picked up Roadtrip and Men of Honor.  I got up around 8 AM.  I played on the computer till 10 and then headed to Starbucks.  My first hot chocolate in 90+ days.  It was so good.  I then went to Stop & Shop for food.  A lady at Starbucks said there was a Barnes & Noble about 5 lights down.  It was 4 miles away.  I turned around after the 5th light.  I got 2 slices of pizza, then watched my movies.

Peter came home around 6 PM and we went to buy me fuel and my third Leatherman.  I lost my second one at Leroy A. Smith Shelter.  I got a blue one this time.  Tonight, on its first night in use, it fell out of my pocket.  After I got my fuel, we hit Barnes & Noble for a copy of Cycle Sport.   Now I have some good reading material.  Looking at the magazine made me realize how much I like riding my road bike.  When Im back, I really want to try again and get in shape for an attempt at moving up to CAT 3.

When Pete and I got back, we ate and helped his neighbor move a couch.  It took some doing but we got it in the basement.

Afterwards I worked on packing and drying out my pack.  I washed it in Peters tub.  I didnt get to bed until 11 again and we planned on getting up at 4:15 AM.  I got up at 3:44 AM so I could pack.  I used my sleeping bag to sleep and its the first thing to go in my pack.  So I had to pack in the morning.

Scatman 2011- Though it sounds like I did a lot on this day I was actually bored.  It still went by fast as Zero Days always do but I felt like I should have been hiking or spending the time off with my new hiking friends.  The bonds one makes with those you hike with are amazing.  I’m friends with people today that I only hiked with for a day or so.  The trail is a powerful thing.  It can bring about change, open your world, make friends and more.



Get out there!

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