AT 2001 – Day 87 – 501 Shelter – Port Clinton

Day 87, 05-25-01

501 Shelter – Port Clinton

23.7  miles, AT  –  1197.4  400 feet

6:30 AM 3:00 PM

I woke up around two when Vice came in from Answering Mother Natures call.  Vice can be noisy.  He wasnt this time but I woke up anyway.

We all got up early for the big 23.7 mile day.  Why I dont know, I was done by 3 PM/  My feet were killing and still do!.  Rocks, lots of them. The only good thing is theres only 4 days left.

Im on my 87th day, with 75 left.  It makes me sad to think Ill be done soon.  I know 75 days is a long time but days seem to fly by out here.  I Mean I did 15.7 miles in five hours over nasty rocks.  It went by in no time.  Ill be in CT/MA in mid June.  Time is flying!  Its about ten days to hike from Delaware Water Gap to the NY/CT line.

I caught Anduleia, Speedy, Mukwa, and their friend, Bill.  Brent and Andy were in town when I arrived.  They were supposed to do another 15 miles but when I left the bar they were drinking.  I dont thing they made it out of town.

This isn't the trail but some times it seems like it was.

Tonight we are sleeping on a covered pavilion in Port Clinton.  Its raining and its very damp.  I put my tent up but Im still going to wake up damp.

I have tons of food now.  Im bumping most of it ahead but the holiday is messing things up.  I dont know how Im supposed to get my shoes in the Water Gap.  I dont thing theyll get there in time.

The bird count is up to 67.  I saw a Belted Kingfisher. Cliff Swallow, swans, and white geese (snow geese?).

I saw a deer (55) right as I left the woods today.  It was right next to me when it ran up the hill.  She/he stopped only feet up the hill, so I got a picture.  I hope it comes out.

Time to get ready for bed.

Scatman 2011 – Port Clinton wasn’t much of a town but if it has a Post Office it’s all a hiker needs.  Even then a Post Office isn’t necessary if an outfitter or other location in town accepts packages.  There was a outfitter in town and hotel with a restaurant.  I believe I at there with some of the group.  Years later I worked with the owner of the outfitter to get Nuun in his store and also supplied a few of his Boy Scout trips with Nuun.



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