AT 2001 – Day 76 – Harpers Ferry

Day 76, 05-14-01 Zero Day

Harpers Ferry

0 miles, AT  –  1002.2

Today we toured around Harpers Ferry and ate more town food.  Harpers Ferry is such a great place.  The history and timeless feel of it is so nice.  Most all the buildings are old and restored like they were in the late 1800s.  I really enjoyed it.

Most of the night was spent packing food.

Scatman 2011- Exploring town took all of I’d say two hours and the pace was slow.  I did meet my now friend Squiggy while walking through town.  I told him the Scatman Story in the middle of the street while eating my ice cream. Brad who I hiked with for the first three days was also with Squiggy.  I hadn’t seen him since I left him and his day at Gooch Gap.

I also helped my dad get his day pack ready as he was going to hike a day and a half with me.  I carried anything he couldn’t since I wouldn’t have much food with me.  My mother and grandmother were going to bring me more food and pick up my day a short way into our second day.



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  1. Mark Baummer says:

    Brad was known as Walks alone by now, a name he took outside of Damascus. He was commonly referred to as Walks with Squiggy since we had hiked together for over 500 miles!

  2. Scatman says:

    Walks Alone also wrote his journal entries in the shelter registers with his own made up hieroglyphics.