AT 2001 – Day 70 – Big Meadows – Pass Mountain Hut

Day 70, 05-08-01

Big Meadows – Pass Mountain Hut

18.8 miles, AT  –  923.2  – 2,690 feet


After eating so much last night, I got tired fast.  I got a bit cold in the AM.  I woke up feeling great.  While going to the bathroom, a catbird flew to a branch only 3 feet away.

For breakfast I had two hot chocolates, one apple juice, two waters, three pancakes; one English muffin, one omelet and sausage that I didnt eat.  I was SOOOO full.  The going should have been slow but I did 4 miles in one hour.

At lunch we ate at Skyland where I had a chicken sandwich, fries, chicken quesadillas, and three Pepsis.  Again I was full.

I met Surefoot and Al at Marys Rock.  Its suppose to be one billion years old.  The view was incredible. It was all down from there.  Not really but it seemed it.  We crossed through Thorton Gap.  After that I was convinced I passed the shelter.  It was a long 1.2 miles.  I walked within three feet of a cottontail.  I saw about 4 today.  I saw four deer (41).  One was a baby fawn.  It was so cute.

The trail was really tough today.  My feet were hurting.  Tonight its Crash, Burn, Al, Easyglider, Surefoot, John Kalhoun, Bill, BA, Tangent, Tacoma, and me.  A full house for sure.

Some new wildflowers Ive seen are Phlox, Bluettes and a wild sunflower.

Since I have been up Katahdin before, I call it my white whale.  Hence, Im Captain Ahab.  I have seen and climbed her once before but she had eluded me for the past 15 years.  Come August, I will triumph again.

Scatman 2011-The deer I saw today were so close.  Being that they live in the park they are so used to humans their not afraid of us.  You walk by and they barely raise their heads to look at you.  As I mentioned there’s lots of food to eat along the trail in the park.  I ate out twice this day but some of the kids even had dinner too, making it a hat trick.  You could hike through the Park with half the food you really needed if you planned it right and at at the campgrounds.  Kind of a cake walk except for all the walking and rocks.



Get out there!

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