AT 2001 – Day 69 – Hightop Hut – Big Meadows Campground

Day 69, 05-07-01

Hightop Hut  – Big Meadows Campground

20.4 miles, AT  –  904.4  – 3,500 feet

7:20 AM 3:30 PM

60s, Cool

Last night was a cold one!  I awoke at 3 AM to go to the bathroom and put on Als rain pants.  He offered them to me knowing how cold it was going to get.  I didnt sleep much after 3.

John Kalhoun started a fire so that was nice.  Hit the trail later than usual.  Al threw his bag over me while he was packing his pack.  Wow it was warm.  I really appreciated that.

No great news or vistas.  Just more great trail for the feet.  My bothersome toe didnt effect me much today.   I saw seven deer (37) today.  The first five were huge.  No new birds.

We had lunch at a locked PATC cabin called Pocosin Cabin.  It was really nice.  You have to be a PATC member to use them.

Most people from last nights shelter went on past the campground another 4 miles.  Al, Bill John and I stayed here.  Crash, Burn, Surefoot, Easyglider, BA plus Tangent who was heading out here went on.

Right now Im really tired.  The wind is picking up.  I hope it doesnt get too cold.  I cant take much more of these freezing nights in this fleece bag.  Im really mentally tired too.  Im forgetting lots of things and its hard to concentrate.  I can look at the map profile and 10 seconds later I have totally forgot what it looked like.

Scatman 2011- Fatigue and memory lose, more signs that the AT is an ass kicker of a first trail.  The hiking in the Shenandoah was nice but I was tired.  I could probably do 30 miles through there now and be less tired.  The  cold nights were not helping me.  I’m sure I wasted a lot of energy and calories at night trying to keep warm.  The only bonus was that the Shenandoah Park was filled with big campgrounds which had general stores and I was able to pig out a lot.

Unfortunately the photos from this section did not transfer well from print to digital, so no photos for a few days.



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