AT 2001 – Day 67 – Rockfish Gap – Blackrock Hut

Day 67, 05-05-01

Rockfish Gap – Blackrock Hut

20.0 miles, AT  –  862.6  2,645 Feet

6:45 AM 3:28 PM

80° – Hot/Humid

We got up at 6 AM, packed, and heading down to HoJos, but it was closed for the winter?  So we went without.  We had snacks on the old tractor seats on top of Bear Den Mountain.  After that we had a long way without water.  There was a spring at about mile 5 of our 20 mile day.  I ran out with 2 miles to go.  It was hot and humid all day.  Thunder rolled in the mid afternoon.  I prayed for rain but we just got a one minute sprinkle a few minutes ago.

The footing was much better today.  I trimmed one toe nail too short and it dug into the skin all day.

I entered the Shenandoah National Park today too.  Saw three rabbits but no bears or new birds.

Tomorrow we are doing 22 miles but were buying lunch and Bills wife is leaving a packet dinner at the next shelter.

I keep forgetting to mention the crickets along the trail.  A few days back we started hearing this sound like popcorn in the leaves as we passed certain areas.  Turns out, the noise was tiny grasshoppers/crickets jumping off the leaves we passed.

I saw/met a couple trail running today.  It really motivated me to try getting into it when Im back.  When I did the Rock Buster back in 97 with Sammy, I had a blast.  I think I would like to do more races like that.

We have 11 in the shelter and six tenting.

Scatman 2011-  When I would get to shelters I would always be the first on of my group there.  Al and Bill would make owl calls when they thought they were close to the shelter.  I would call back.  I did this at this shelter and BA who I didn’t know at the time thought I was crazy.  Later he told him it actually annoyed him to no end.  Lucky for me I grew on him, BA though quiet is a great person.



Get out there!

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