AT 2001 – Day 64 – Dutch Haus – Harpers Creek Shelter

Day 64, 05-02-01

12 miles, AT  –  815.3  – 2,000 feet ±

Dutch Haus – Harpers Creek Shelter

8:35 AM 3:30 PM


We woke up at 6:30 AM to a great breakfast:  OJ, sausage, eggs, corn bread, fruit and cereal.  We also saw a Flying Squirrel too at night.  He didnt fly though.  Earl, the owner, drove us to a mile from the trail.  We got started at 8:30 AM.

Three Ridges from the Priest

We hiked up the Priest and had a snack at the shelter.  On the way up I saw two deer (30).  The hike down was 3,000 feet to the Tye River.  We had lunch at the river.  After that we climbed 2.5 miles and up 1,000 feet to the Harpers Creek Shelter.  We got here early but now its Bill, Al, Tangent, Red, Surefoot and Easygilder tonight.  The gnats are terrible.

Scatman 2011-  The year I finished my hike I went back to the Priest to hike and stay at a hostel in the Shenandoah.  I met a bunch of the kids I met in this very area for the first time for a New Years Party.  It was odd to be back in the area and experience hiking the same area again but not as a thru-hiker.  I knew I didn’t have months ahead of me and it was more relaxing.  No pressure to always be moving north.



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