Are you a rabbit chaser?

Do you chase rabbits?  Do your friends call you Sea Biscuit?  If they do then you know what Im about to talk about.  You could be a runner, cyclist, hiker or any other type of athlete.  You go out for a ride and there in the distance a flash of white catches your eye.  Instantly your primal instants kick in and the chase is on.  You drop your head and kick up the pace.  Adrenaline surges through your body.  Capillaries open more to bring extra oxygen to your muscles.  Your heart rate increases, focus narrows, and your mind is set to one simple goal.   The closer you get to your prey the faster you go.  You can taste the catch its so close.

When the catch is made you dont ravage and consume the rabbit like you seen on shows on Animal Planet, but in your mind you like to think youve crushed their sole by catching them and speeding by effortlessly.  Weve all done it and it happens without conscious thought.  You could have been out for a leisurely recovery ride but something takes over.  Sometimes it is malicious, as in my case last night.  I knew before I put on my shoes I was going hunting.  This is Chasing Rabbits.

Chasing Rabbits

I Chased Rabbits the whole way around the south end of the lake and Mercer Island last night.  There were Tri Rabbits, Commuter Rabbits, Club Rabbits but none of the elusive Racer Rabbit.  I rode from one chase to the next, always looking for my next victim.  Lucky for me the weather was amazing and a lot of rabbits came out of their holes.  Little did they know a wolf was on the prowl, a hungry wolf in need of a hard workout and lots of miles.

Yes, this is what 20+ years of riding/racing has done to my psyche.  Going out and training is not what it used to be so I have fun with my time on the bike and do things like Chasing Rabbits.  I know Im not crushing peoples souls but its motivating at the time to think so.  I dont delude myself to believe Im some pro racer.  I know my place in the pack but we old wolves have to do something to keep those younger and hungrier Alphas in their place.  If it means me Chasing Rabbits thats what Ill do.  This old wolf still has a bit. Happy hunting!



Get out there!

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