AT 2001 – Day 48 – Laurel Creek – Jenny Knob Shelter

Day 48 04-16-01
Laurel Creek → Jenny Knob shelter
19.0 miles, AT – 586.6
8:15 AM 3:37 PM
Windy/cold in AM Sunny in PM

I didnt sleep well at all last night. We broke camp at 8:15 AM. It was cold and breezy. As we climbed, it got cooler and windier. I had to stop and put on my gloves and long sleeve shirt. The hike itself was a piece of cake. We did the first 9 miles in 2:15. By two oclock we only had 3 miles left of our 19. The shelter is full with a troop of Boy Scouts. So tonight is the first time Ive tented two nights in a row.

Tomorrow its off for another long day. We plan on stopping in the AM at Trents Grocery. The troop leader gaveus brownies he cooked on the fire. Yum! Trail Magic two days in a row.

Today was the first day I didnt see a Dark Eyed Junco since I started this trip.

I told the Troop about Fart Baseball and they have been playing every since. Even the Troop leader is playing!

Scatman 2011- As you can see it’s the simple joys of life on the trail that make everyone happy.  Brownies made over a fire, Fart Baseball, and easy hiking.  What more can you ask for.  Even though I received brownies from the boy scouts I was still bummed they had taken the whole shelter.  I believe they, the boy scouts, have a rule against taking up the shelter as well as a limit on their group size.  Clearly these guys were not following the rules.



Get out there!

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